Anonymous Tip Line

Dear Starke County residents,

We appreciate your support as we continue to work to make Starke County a safer place to work, live, and raise our children. Through suppressing illegal drugs as well as reducing other quality-of-life crimes we are working to make Starke County safer.

With the support of our community last month, we were able to identify two alleged individuals who were dealing drugs in our community. This would not have been successful without your assistance. Our detectives, in collaboration with the recently created Strategic Response Team, continue to work together to identify illegal drugs in our community as well as individuals who have active warrants and/or are not appropriately registered as sex offenders.

We want to work in partnership with you to make things better in our county. Effective immediately, Sheriff Jack Rosa has created a hotline to report illegal activity. With this hotline you can remain anonymous, you will not have to leave your name or number. Once you call the number you will hear a recording asking you to leave a message. Once you leave your message, you can hang up and we will do the rest.

We appreciate your support as we continue to work together to have a safer county. The hotline number will not be staffed by anyone and will not be used to report emergencies or if you need an officer to respond. In case of emergencies please dial 911 or contact the Starke County Sheriff’s Department dispatch Center at 574-772-3771 Option 2.

Hotline Number (574)-772-5958