A Child is Missing Program

Starke County Sheriff’s Office is now participating in the “A Child is Missing” Alert program!! 

A Child Is Missing Alert is activated often before the Amber Alert (abductions of children aged 17 years or younger). This will assist our county in ALL missing cases, such as children that are abducted, lost, wander-offs, or run-a-ways, elderly (often with Alzheimer’s), mentally challenged, or disabled individuals. These cases don’t need to meet the Amber Alert or Silver Alert criteria.

1,000 alert phone calls can be placed in 60 seconds. 

This is one of the fastest and most effective programs law enforcement agencies can activate in the critical first minutes of a missing person case. Upon request from law enforcement agencies, A Child Is Missing Alert can activate the alert calls to the area surrounding the last location of the missing. There is an individually recorded message giving the description of the missing and telephone number for the public to call the dispatch center directly with information regarding sightings of the missing person. The Alert Calls are sent out within a one-mile radius where the person was last seen to alert residents and businesses that their help is needed to check their surrounding area for the missing vulnerable person. If there are sightings, dispatch will update the case and a new set of calls/alerts will be sent to the updated location within the one-mile radius.


When you get a call…please listen and respond. You could be the one that helps to save a life.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Chief Dispatcher, Stacy Noonan @ 574-772-3771 ext. 287